Brand Awareness

Raise Your Brand Recognition

Keep a Low Profile. Or Don't!

This is the activity you just can’t do without. And the reason is simple: it is the pillar of consistent and effective communication. To be honest, the other Y-SOLUTIONS would struggle to take off if your business did not have a strong brand identity, capable of imprinting itself in the minds of your audience. Therefore, before embarking on any other marketing activity, it is worth asking yourself how your brand is perceived. If the answer is ‘no one cares’, start there.

1. Let’s Get to Know Each Other

We Explore Your Brand

This phase consists of a full immersion in your company culture, values, mission, and vision in order to capture the essence of your brand. We are techies yet we have the absurd belief that human contact is simply irreplaceable. That's why we organise interviews, workshops, and integration moments IN PERSON to come together and merge into one single team!

2. Leave a Mark

We Build Your Brand Personality

Now that we have gained knowledge, we can move on to branding or rebranding, if necessary. After studying your competitors and your potential customers, through research and social listening activities, we can determine the perception of your brand, find out what customers are saying about it online, and extract useful information to understand which is the best way to describe you. The image and tone of voice that reflect your most seductive qualities. Finally, we are able to convey a brand with a strong personality that can leave a mark. 

3. Love (Brand) Story

Storytelling for Your Brand Awareness

A strong personality impresses, but a well-told story enchants. If you want to be a love brand, you have to convey your personality through narratives that captivate your audience. Bare facts do not arouse emotions, at most they inform. If we want to both inform and excite, we have to rely on storytelling. At YDEA we develop cross-channel storytelling by planning valuable content on multiple channels. They will go straight to the heart! (And the heart, as well as the mind, influences the buyer readiness).

4. Let Us Introduce You…

We Implement the Communication Strategy

Now that we have polished your brand, we can finally introduce it! We prepare valuable SEO-optimised content and a marketing strategy with Google ADS to intercept people's needs through their online searches. Moreover, through a social media marketing strategy, we develop advertising campaigns to reach target audiences on the main platforms.