Y – factor

Experience Agency

Sorry, We Are Much More Than That

Don’t Call Us a web agency

Firstly: calling us a web agency is reductive. The web is only one part of the digital ecosystem, whereas for us every piece is essential and must come together in an integrated strategy.

Secondly, it is read Y but pronounced Why. This is because curiosity is our compass and we never want to lose the taste for innovation and following the road less traveled.

To get to know us better, follow the other clues we have hidden behind the letters of our name!


We are not just any agency, but your agency. How is that possible? That is the beauty of ideas, which are never static but fluid. We know how to transform and reinvent ourselves to meet your needs. Your brand is the mould that gives body and substance to our proposal and your voice will never go unheard.



The digital world keeps no secrets from us, we know every inch of it. We know how to guide you through it by pointing out the main resources to fully exploit the power of new technologies. We build your digital presence through a transmedia and multichannel approach in order to attract customers from every front!


The customer experience is the founding aspect of a brand relationship. Advertising is two-dimensional and limited to selling a product, whereas the experience is an immersive journey that embraces all the senses and creates a deep connection between your brand and your customers. A journey from which they will not want to return!



The word agency defines the kind of company we are, but that’s not all. In English, it also means the ability to act and to make a difference. How fitting! It reminds us that in our agency we are not only dreamers, but we also roll up our sleeves to have a real impact. With each of our digital projects, we aim to leave a mark.


We design Digital Experience for people

We Create Relationships,
Not Just Connections

The separation between the virtual and the real world is an illusion. We call them leads, but they are real people made of flesh and blood. They don’t spend their days swiping credit cards or scrolling websites, but they joke, cry, laugh, and dream. They have a whole life outside the internet that we are interested in learning about in order to create truly engaging digital experiences. The device can be switched off, the connection can be interrupted, but the relationship does not end there.

So: connections OFF, relationships ON!

Before After

Our Manifesto

We Believe in It, Don't You?

We have told you that we are masters of the chameleonic art of transforming ourselves and adapting to the needs of your brand. That’s all true but… yes, there is a but. In our DNA we hold a core of untouchable values in which we believe so strongly that they are not up for debate. Get on board if these values are also yours!

A Marketing Agency for the Symphonie Prime Group

It’s Us Who Set the Tone

Together with other leading IT companies, YDEA is part of the international Symphonie Prime group present in Italy, Switzerland, Spain, and Germany. Our mission within the group is to create memorable and satisfying customer experiences using the innovative technologies of our products and in synergy with our other partners. In addition, we direct and harmonise the group’s communication to make sure we all follow the beat of the same drum!