Generate Leads

The Lead Generation solution catapults you onto a structured path where nothing is left to chance. We have combined our expertise with that of other Symphonie Prime companies to offer you the most complete, effective and successful solution.

1. Define Your Target

Read here if you have a B2B company

It all starts with data collection. If we want to reach new customers, we need to understand which are the companies you target and which you already work with. Where they are located, what size they are, and all the information you have is used to calibrate your campaigns to the millimetre. Then, through data enrichment, we extend our research and cross-reference the information you have provided with open data sources and other socio-demographic data. Finally, thanks to artificial intelligence we reprocess everything and extrapolate a target defined down to the smallest detail.

Read here if you have a B2C company

All the information you can share with us about your customers is valuable material. Later, the data you were able to provide us with will be enriched through social listening and monitoring activities. Through a market-leading platform, we examine the conversations taking place on social media regarding relevant topics. Then, based on the results, the tool compiles an audience with specific characteristics and draws connections with related audiences.

2. Gain Momentum

Lead Generation Campaigns

Now that we have defined the right audience for your business, everything is ready to create customised, localised and targeted campaigns on the most appropriate channels (social ADS campaigns with Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin or Google ADS campaigns). If in line with the proposal, we can also consider involving micro-influencers (between 10,000 and 100,000 followers) to get closer to our target audience. The campaigns will land on special landing pages that we build with our Customer Engagement Platform, a platform created specifically for customer engagement initiatives with a competition and gamification perspective.

3. Start the Charge

Customer Engagement Platform

Let's spice things up! Thanks to our platform, we can not only build landing pages in a simple and immediate way or analyse user traffic but also include elements of engagement through gamification. In this way, we can offer customers viewing the campaign an additional incentive to click on the Call to Action and share their data, that is the opportunity to play and win customised prizes (chosen according to their profiles)! Through Instant Win and other competitions, they can win instant rewards such as discounts, gift cards, and promotions, or take part in final prize drawings that will certainly get their pulse racing. Our approach and platform can be natively integrated with any other solution on the market.

4. Strike!

Get Qualified Leads

Open the umbrella, it's raining leads! There are two choices at this point. We can share all the contacts we have collected, without filtering them. Or we can take care of the qualification of the leads ourselves, thanks to the support of a contact centre partner who will contact the acquired leads one by one to extract the qualified ones according to the metrics previously defined. Our work is done, now it's your turn. Strike the blow and reach your goal!