Attract Customers
with Engagement Marketing

Engaging customers and prompting them to take any action, such as entering a contest or purchasing, requires an increasing amount of inventiveness and creativity.

Since they live with their foot pressed on the accelerator, the very first obstacle is to convince them to slow down while surfing the web. Here, you set an example: take a break and keep reading.

When the Going Gets Tough…

Our Customer Engagement Tools

Our keywords when it comes to engaging the customer are: excite, amaze, innovate. You don't expect users to perform a certain action just because you are asking them to, do you? In return, you have to offer them a unique experience that ultimately makes them feel gratified and rewarded.

The reward can be symbolic (such as interesting content or a surprise) or material (such as a branded gadget, a discount, or a gift voucher).

Let YDEA...

Our Tools for Customer Engagement

This is why our solution combines traditional customer engagement channels such as direct email marketing and social media marketing with instant messaging (Whatsapp) and gamification activities using the Customer Engagement Platform, our proprietary platform.

If you want to keep your customers interested and ready to test, recommend your products, and interact with the brand, remember: nothing binds more than sharing emotions. Even better if they are beautiful. This is why gamification proves to be a highly effective engagement marketing tool. In short, even children know that playing together strengthens friendships!

... get going!

Conquer Customers with Gamification

At Ydea, we know how to create engaging online and offline journeys that revolve around gamification. Always starting with an in-depth study of the target audience, an essential ingredient of any Y-Solution, we propose a customer journey that your clients will jump at.

Contests with final prize drawings, instant wins, photo contests... the possibilities are endless. They all converge, however, in an experience full of emotion and adrenaline, and, from now on, when your customers think of your brand they can't help but smile. Our loyalty mission is accomplished!