Set Up an

If you are interested in developing your online business, we have an approach and tools for designing different and innovative e-commerces! 

Through our flow, our method for experience design, we build online sales paths focused on the user experience. Read more about all the details!

1. Hoist the sails

Experience design for an e-commerce that sells

There are several factors that determine the best path to take when setting up an e-commerce site.

The target audience is the main one. But also whether the company is B2B, B2C or, in some cases, B2B2C. The type of industry, the size of the catalogue, the integration with the warehouse, and finally the payment and shipping methods. These same factors will drive the choice of the platform we want to use.

2. Let's customize your e-commerce

Selling Online With B2B and B2C E-commerce Solutions

For us at Ydea, the key is to define a satisfying shopping experience for the end user. To do this, we can use either market-leading open-source solutions such as WooCommerce, Shopify, or others, or our own e-commerce platform. 

Our e-commerce combines a UX/UI design oriented towards the best user experience and Bit2Win's CPQ software, recognised by Gartner as one of the best in the world for product configuration.

Among other things, it allows you to manage promotions, create bundles and loyalty programs that facilitate customer loyalty, and make browsing even more fun and full of surprises!

3. Off to new horizons!

Increase Your E-commerce Sales

We have a question for you: what is the point of a perfectly functioning user-centred e-commerce... without users? It's not in our DNA to do things halfway, so it's time to chase customers. 

SEO and content are already optimised by default according to our design approach. So, to increase site awareness and engagement we create a social media communication strategy (organic and sponsored posts) and digital advertising campaigns with Google ADS. 

If you don't have social channels there is no problem, we will open those most useful for our purpose, fill them with interesting content for your target audience and if the idea of managing them doesn't excite you we can think about that too!

With the E-commerce Experience, you guarantee smooth and engaging shopping experiences that satisfy your customers and reach new ones!