Ideas Like no Others

Your Digital Experience Agency

What’s in a name? But we really are an idea.
And, more importantly, we are the place where your ideas take shape
and dreams happen for real, through creativity, design, and technology.

What’s in a name? But we really are an idea.
And, more importantly, we are the place where your ideas take shape
and dreams happen for real, through creativity, design, and technology.

We design digital experiences
to live
, to feel, to grow.

Welcome To Our Digital Agency

We Are Such Stuff as Your Dreams

Our digital agency has its feet firmly planted on the ground and its head immersed in extraordinary worlds. Reality allows us to make connections with people and we feed on knowledge to shape ideas. We are your letter to Hogwarts, Dorothy’s ruby slippers, the DeLorean from Back to the Future. If you come with us, we will take you to universes that do not yet exist but that we will build together. These are the stories that will make your customers fall in love with you and make your brand irresistible and successful.

While we wait to open an office in the metaverse, you can also find our digital marketing agency in Rome, Milan, and Bolzano.

Are you ready to be the hero of our customer experience journey?

Our Method

Just Follow
the Flow

There is always a magic formula. For us, it is: Just follow the flow. Flow is a word we love because it can mean several things. It is a current, a stream, a state of mind in which inspiration takes over and makes us lose track of time. It is what we feel every day when we plunge into our work and don’t stop until we can amaze you. But flow is also discipline, it is a method that we have tried and tested through experience and now apply in the realisation of any idea or project. Find out all the stages of our flow!


We collect data and enrich it through dedicated tools. We analyse, research and, above all, enter in dialogue with the customer.


From the information obtained, we build a solid strategy that will lead us straight to the goal.


The time has come to summon our creative muse. Set your inspiration free to create stories and experiences that seduce and engage your audience.


Through technology and with an eye on innovation, the story comes to life and is transformed into a digital, usable, and monitorable solution.

Our Success Stories

We Really
Enchanted Them

Sometimes all it takes is a spark and a mental connection to make it seem like we are reading your mind. But when telepathy fails, we don’t leave you hanging. We don’t give up until our ‘spell’ gets the desired results! Here are examples of clients who have been dazzled by our ideas, marketing strategies, digital experiences, or never-before-seen technological solutions.








& colleagues

The Skills of Our Digital Agency

We Have Superpowers
and We Are Not Afraid to Use Them

We contain

We are one agency but we are also an integral part of an international tech group named Symphonie Prime. That’s why we have the gift of ubiquity and in addition to Italy, we are also in Switzerland, Spain, and Germany. Not bad in case you want to open up to the foreign market, is it?

We are techies
but we have a heart

We are digital natives and technology is our bread and butter. We rely on data analysis to define the best digital strategy. Data, however, has no soul, it all depends on the people who interpret it, and we focus on them to make your digital projects unique. At the heart of our work are the emotions, desires, and dreams of your customers. Which is a less boring way of saying we are Customer-centered and Data-driven, isn’t it?

Better than
a wand

We don’t pull rabbits out of a hat, but our magic lies in our flow. Flow means a passion for our work but also a careful methodology to make the invisible visible and achieve concrete and lasting results.

We expand like the universe

The universe never stops expanding and neither do we. We ramify our digital solutions by flexibly integrating them with those offered by other Symphonie companies or our partners. In short, we shape our proposals according to your specific needs and if the right solution for you doesn’t exist, we invent it.

Reach Your Business Goals with Us

All the Genius You Need

With us, you don’t have to limit yourself to three wishes, but can make as many as you want. Thanks to our flow, our method combining pragmatism and inspiration, we will make your brand stand out!

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Together We’ll Live Big Adventures

Are you ready? Second star to the right and straight on till morning!
Climb aboard with us and let’s follow the digital transformation map. Our final destination? The future of your business.
Fear not, it will be a fun journey full of surprises… with the perfect ending for everyone!

Job Opportunities

What’s Your Superpower?
Let Us Know

Our digital agency is many things.
The note in a symphony of companies called Symphonie group.
A home, a melting pot of varied languages and cultures, an undefined point in cyberspace – we use a hybrid working method that exploits the positive aspects of smart working without neglecting human contact.
But it is also a school where we teach each other how to be better professionals and colleagues.
If you have a talent that is a superpower and you never want to stop learning, become one of us!